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We Create 

Successful Organic Farms and Gardens Within Businesses, Schools and Institutions



Site Assessment 


Crop Planning and Orchard Management

Food Safety and Compliance

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Strategic Planning

Farm, Garden, Orchard Design + Build

Professional Development + Staff Training

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Cutting-Edge Organic Farming Practices  

Sales and Marketing

Stakeholder + Investor Relations


At Grow Your Lunch, we believe a better food future is possible. We define our success using the triple bottom line - "people, planet, and profit." The organic farm and garden systems we create and manage are designed to fix carbon in the soil, reduce water and fossil fuel consumption and encourage biodiversity. Sustaining the status quo is not acceptable to us - the time has come to renew our commitment to future generations by regenerating the natural resources on which we so intimately depend.  

About the Founder

Grow Your Lunch Founder and CEO, Benjamin R. Eichorn is an internationally – renowned expert on the topics of organic farming and food literacy education. He is the author of “Edible Gardening: Ten Essential Practices for Growing Your Own Food.”  Before founding Grow Your Lunch in 2010, Benjamin co-managed Alice Waters' Edible Schoolyard garden in Berkeley, CA for four years. Since then Grow Your Lunch has created successful farms and gardens with more than 100 businesses, schools and institutions throughout the Western United States. Benjamin lives with his wife and sons on "Country Flat Farm," his family's organic farm and homestead, in Big Sur, CA.


Edible Gardening: 10 Essential Practices for Growing Your Own Food handbook


Join the Global Network of people using The Edible Gardening Handbook!


Free Edible Gardening Tutorial Videos

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